Since my last post I have gained exceptional ground in some areas of the documentary I want to create but still remain behind in other parts. Over this period of time I have written, scripted, and edited a series of questions to ask the people and the voiceovers I would be doing over the documentary. Now I have obtained all the basic things I need to start the process of actually going out and filming this documentary. I have been able to get the equipment I need to film in hand, and recently I have designed and finished a plan and courses of action I will take over the rest of the semester. There are some challenges I still face in creating this film, some of which had been trying to adjust the documentary around the others that will be involved. Slowly I am adjusting my work to get over the challenges.

Currently I am in the process of creating an outline of what I intend to do with this documentary to present to the schools in order to film the younger students. Once all of this has been written up I will take action and start to film what I need to. I still continue to use the resources of previously made documentaries and comparing my notes to that. This documentary is enlightening me in an idea of what people think the future is to them. I am still not sure how all this will turn out in the end.

     The idea of a documentary had come easy enough to my mind, the real challenge had been thinking up a topic to film on and even now the topic I have chosen is broad and not well defined. I wanted to make something that would show to students like me that they do not have to be set on one future because over age your idea of what you want to be will change or you will want something else. This is a topic I essentially wanted because I myself have struggled over what my future should be and what I want it to be, I have already faced many obstacles in my work so far. Getting the equipment has finally been worked out and now I am working on how to schedule film shoots of the interviews I need. Looking over different short documentaries has also helped me understand how I should film, format, and present my own. So far I have gained an idea that the assignment I have chosen will not be an easy task on my part and will require effort and determination.

     I have improved my organization skill so I can schedule what I need first and the step to step process of what I need to do next. There are still many questions I need to figure out myself for example what I will be asking the people I interview, what time I should start the actual filming process and am I sure this will turn out as I expect or not at all. In the meantime my next step is to write up an organized script of questions and voices overs for the documentary. This will include researching more into the types of documentary scripts there are after the actual creation of the documentary I hope to have time to prepare a proper presentation. After this documentary is shown to the class I hope they have a better understanding and an open mind for their future.


Well it is more like that school has brainwashed us to think one way and has pushed our wonder and creativity as children down under layers of facts and repeatative work. We have all been told to think and do things one way for so many years that eventually it begins to wear down on our determination and effort. We have been conformed to meet the standards and expectations of the schools ideas of a "good" student. What the school thinks is a good student is someone who can regrudutate information, remember dates and times, and get perfect grades. No attention is payed to the brilliant students who have their own ideas, they are only criticized for not following status quo and are deemed less than those able to be the "good" students. Students are divided by age instead of ability into groups. This is a terrible system for organizing because people the same age could have completely different levels of thinking, and wouldn't it be better if there was a class full of student passionate and interested in the subject. But no we are all just expected to follow and block out our own ideas so we can all do what we are told.


Okay hi. When put on the spot I can not remember anything about myself so lets see what my frozen brain can come up with. Well since I wrote this at 3:17 in the morning, it can be assumed that I procrastinate all my work and that I have insomnia, which is an inability to have a regular sleeping pattern. At the same time I am also a perfectionist, that means that I am always obsessed over little things no one else really cares about, especially grammar. And now some random facts about my self: I am a vegetarian, I love the color black (and I am choosing to ignore the whole "Black is not a color, it's a shade" thing), I have a little brother, and I enjoy anything that can tell me a story. Like books and television. I read a lot, and I buy all my books, for some odd reason getting books from the library that are torn and ripped and just not well taken care of horrifies me. I watch a lot of TV, way more than that's healthy for me. As some people have pointed out that sometime I tend to stumble upon darker subjects in conversations, like death (though I don't really see the problem because death is a constant in every living thing). So that's something about me, and this is where I have a magical way to end the paragraph. I also have a slight obsession with zombies, thought you should know.