Since my last post I have gained exceptional ground in some areas of the documentary I want to create but still remain behind in other parts. Over this period of time I have written, scripted, and edited a series of questions to ask the people and the voiceovers I would be doing over the documentary. Now I have obtained all the basic things I need to start the process of actually going out and filming this documentary. I have been able to get the equipment I need to film in hand, and recently I have designed and finished a plan and courses of action I will take over the rest of the semester. There are some challenges I still face in creating this film, some of which had been trying to adjust the documentary around the others that will be involved. Slowly I am adjusting my work to get over the challenges.

Currently I am in the process of creating an outline of what I intend to do with this documentary to present to the schools in order to film the younger students. Once all of this has been written up I will take action and start to film what I need to. I still continue to use the resources of previously made documentaries and comparing my notes to that. This documentary is enlightening me in an idea of what people think the future is to them. I am still not sure how all this will turn out in the end.

Ms. Bertrand
10/30/2013 13:08:32

I love that you don't know how it will turn out in the end. That's the great thing about it, the true freedom to let it become whatever it will become :)


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