Well it is more like that school has brainwashed us to think one way and has pushed our wonder and creativity as children down under layers of facts and repeatative work. We have all been told to think and do things one way for so many years that eventually it begins to wear down on our determination and effort. We have been conformed to meet the standards and expectations of the schools ideas of a "good" student. What the school thinks is a good student is someone who can regrudutate information, remember dates and times, and get perfect grades. No attention is payed to the brilliant students who have their own ideas, they are only criticized for not following status quo and are deemed less than those able to be the "good" students. Students are divided by age instead of ability into groups. This is a terrible system for organizing because people the same age could have completely different levels of thinking, and wouldn't it be better if there was a class full of student passionate and interested in the subject. But no we are all just expected to follow and block out our own ideas so we can all do what we are told.


The way you write really grabs the reader's attention. Also, your vocabulary is sophisticated. I like how you emphasize the fact that students are constantly divided into unfair groups, because I agree with you on that. I honestly don't have anything negative to say about your blog because you put a lot of thought into it and gave sound examples and reasoning. Overall, your argument is very persuasive and convincing. Your "brilliant student" vs "good student" argument reminds me of everyday classroom situations because it is always the brilliant students who ask questions about everything, while the supposedly "good students" don't ask questions very often. You made a great point.


Great argument, you really create a powerful standing to start from and a perfect way to end it. I could tell you put some thought into it and that you did not do this just to get over it. It was a great read, incredible hope to see more from you. :)


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