Okay hi. When put on the spot I can not remember anything about myself so lets see what my frozen brain can come up with. Well since I wrote this at 3:17 in the morning, it can be assumed that I procrastinate all my work and that I have insomnia, which is an inability to have a regular sleeping pattern. At the same time I am also a perfectionist, that means that I am always obsessed over little things no one else really cares about, especially grammar. And now some random facts about my self: I am a vegetarian, I love the color black (and I am choosing to ignore the whole "Black is not a color, it's a shade" thing), I have a little brother, and I enjoy anything that can tell me a story. Like books and television. I read a lot, and I buy all my books, for some odd reason getting books from the library that are torn and ripped and just not well taken care of horrifies me. I watch a lot of TV, way more than that's healthy for me. As some people have pointed out that sometime I tend to stumble upon darker subjects in conversations, like death (though I don't really see the problem because death is a constant in every living thing). So that's something about me, and this is where I have a magical way to end the paragraph. I also have a slight obsession with zombies, thought you should know.

Ms. Bertrand

Wow, insomnia and procrastination, a wicked combination, and one that I too know about. Your blog post is a lovely glimpse into the biting humour and unique vivaciousness that you are.

I too find zombies fascinating. Do you have your zombie apocalypse plan? :)

I think it's going to be a great year


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